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1907 set of 5 photo postcards mining rush, Latchford Ontario

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Nice set of very early photos of the Northern Ontario town of Latchford. Around this time period was the famous Silver Rush of nearby Cobalt.

While not specifically stated, possibly prospectors or settlers. Scarce photos of early Northern Ontario

Based on 'VELOX' photographic paper used, dates are 1907-1920.

4 are unused, 1 used with 1 cent Edward VIIth stamp, postmarked LATCHFORD JUL 3 07 ON’, mailed to Toronto.

#1 photo of two men in front of tar paper A-frame (mailed in 1907). Large two-man had saw on right. Located in clearing of forest.

#2 photo of group of people on front porch of log cabin Post Office. Three young men wearing white aprons. Ladder going up to roof. Office looks to be recently completed.

#3 photo of group of men around what appears to be a campfire, pots and pans, sitting on hillside, around them cleared land

#4 photo of man standing in front of white canvas tent, canvas held up by tree branches, has his fingers in his pant braces, in a forest clearing. Looks to be same man as in photo #1.

#5 four men sitting and standing in front of two white tents, in right background a tee-pee. Located in a forest clearing.

Multiple smudges on fronts and backs. Backs have some toning. #3 has toning on front, in white border LR.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)

Latchford is a Single-tier municipality town in Timiskaming District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. It is located on Bay Lake on the Montreal River near the town of Cobalt and the municipality of Temagami.

Latchford was first settled in 1902 when the decision to build the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway (now the Ontario Northland Railway) was struck. It was decided the railway would cross the Montreal River at the location of what is today Latchford, and a bridge was finished in 1904. Hence, the settlement was known first as Montreal River Station. It was renamed Latchford in 1905 in honour of the provincial commissioner of public works, Francis Robert Latchford, and was incorporated as a town on July 15, 1907. A dam that provided hydroelectric power, as well as a vehicle crossing over the river, was built in 1910.


More interestingly, Latchford used to be the home of a big casino during the Cobalt mining boom.  Many miners and prospectors would come to Latchford to party and increase their fortunes, and of course to visit the dancers and prostitutes that called the casino home.  I think the town has quieted down sufficiently since then.


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