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1904 USA postcard depicting three children (Black Americana)

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Postcard with image of three African-American children sitting on front porch of a house.

‘E. C. Kropp Publ., MIlwaukee No. 453’

French message from sender written on front: Dear Mrs. Bomier I am sending you a sample of the entourage that we have in Washington. There are more ne****s than whites.”

Addressed to France, with 2¢ rose Washington stamp and ‘WASHINGTON D.C. FEB 09 1904’ postmark. Light France postmark over stamp.

Corner creases. Some light smudging and toning.


Pickaninny is a word applied originally by people of the West Indies to their babies and more widely referring to small children…and subsequently used in North America as a racial slur referring to a dark-skinned child of African descent. In modern sensibility, the term implies an archaic depiction or caricature used in a derogatory and racist sense.


E.C. Kropp Co.   1907-1956

Milwaukee, WI

A publisher and printer that began producing chromolithographic souvenir cards and private mailing cards in 1898 under the name Kropp. These cards were of much higher quality than those that would printed under the E.C. Kropp name.

They became the E.C. Kropp Company in 1907 and produced large numbers of national view-cards and other subjects. Their latter linen cards had a noticeably fine grain.



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