1865 USA CDV photo General Ulysses S. Grant by Carbutt

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Nice spring 1865 photo of the famed US General Ulysses S. Grant. On his left arm wearing a mourning band in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln.

Text on back: 

Carte De Visite by J. Carbutt Photographic Artist 131 Lake St, Chicago

Text at bottom::

Major Gen. U.S. GRANT
Entered, according to Act of Congress.in the year 1864, by J. Carbutt, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of ---


On front at bottom, thin white strip of paper, bottom of text.  Couple small scuffs on left/right borders. Two small stains left side. On back 2 remnants of tape where glued to album

4” x 2 ⅜”


Ulysses S. Grant (April 27, 1822 – July 23, 1885) was an American military officer and politician who served as the 18th president of the United States from 1869 to 1877. As president, Grant was an effective civil rights executive who created the Justice Department and worked with the Radical Republicans to protect African Americans during Reconstruction. As Commanding General, he led the Union Army to victory in the American Civil War in 1865 and thereafter briefly served as Secretary of War.

John Carbutt (1832–1905) was a photographic pioneer, stereo card publisher, and photographic entrepreneur. He came to be the first to use celluloid for photographic film and to market dry-plate glass negatives. He was born in Sheffield, England on 2 December 1832. He moved to Chicago in 1853.



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