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1766 map by Louis Brion de la Tour of Africa, north of the Equator

Map by Louis Brion de la Tour of north and Central Africa, north of the Equator. Includes Sahara, Nubia, Guinea. Abyssinia, Egypt…

Done in conjunction with Desnos, bookseller and engineer of globes in Paris.

Carte de l'Afrique en deça de l’Equateur. Comprenant L’Egypte, La Barbarie. La Nigritie etc. Par Louis de Brion de la Tour, Ingénieur, Géographe du Roi.

Title in cartouche:

 ‘PARTIE DE L’AFRIQUE en deça de l’Equateur. Comprenant L’Egypte, La Barbarie. La Nigritie &ce.
Par M.r De Brion, Ing.r Géogr. Du Roi, A Paris Chez Desnos Ing.r Géog. Pour les Globes et Sphères Rue St. Jacques au Globe 1766.'


Text LL giving scale ‘Echelle de Lieues d’une heure’.

Copper-plate, hand-colored.

Map has been cut down from original (outer frame removed). The map is made up of two parts, separated vertically. This was where original fold was. The two halves have been professionally put together and then melded with the blueish ‘framing’ paper. Most evident from the back. On the front, double layer of paper forms seam down middle. Some small smudges.

Paper: 27 x  36.5 cm //  10 ⅝” 14 ⅜“

Map    22.5 x 24  // 8 ⅞” x 9 ⅞”


Louis Brion de la Tour, (circa 1743 – 1803) was an 18th-century French geographer and demographer.

His official title was « Ingénieur Géographe du Roi » ("King's Engineer Geographer"). Although he was a prolific geographer, very little is known of his life or his career. His life passed in scientific work. However what is known is that an important part of his work was done in collaboration with Louis Charles Desnos (circa 1750–1790), bookseller and geographical engineer for globes and spheres of His Danish Majesty. Between 1762 and 1785, he participated in the development of the ‘Indicateur fidèle ou guide des voyageurs, qui enseigne toutes les routes royales.’


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