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Harper’s Weekly Saturday May 25 1861 (Civil War) Re-issue

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‘A Journal of Civilization’ that gives a nice snapshot of the times. Packed with images, one by Winslow Homer. Serial publication, Chapter XI of Charles Dickens' Great Expectation.

Great images!

Dramatic front page image “William’s Hotel, Washington, saved by the New York Fire Zoaves – sketched by our Special Artist”.

Inside images:

  • ‘Jeff Davis snuffing out the light’ SMALL
  • Service by Rev. Dr. Weston, Chaplain of the Seventh Regiment, at Camp Cameron, on Sunday May 5th, 1861 - sketched by our Special Artist” FULL PAGE
  • ‘Evening Parade at Fort Pickens – Colonel Brown announcing to his men Major Anderson’s gallant defense at Fort Sumter – Sketched by an officer of the Garrison’ ¾ PAGE
  • ‘Galleries under the Senate Chamber converted into granaries - sketched by our Special Artist’ SMALL
  • ‘Bread Oven in the basement of the Capitol, Washington - sketched by our Special Artist’ SMALL
  • ‘Cooking & Eating Arrangement's in the Court Yard of the Treasury Building, Washington, D.C. - sketched by our Special Artist’ ½ PAGE
  • ‘Departure of Volunteers from Dubuque, Iowa April 22, 1861’ aboard paddle wheelers (special artist) ½ PAGE
  • "Eighth Massachusetts Regiment in the Rotunda of the Capitol, Washington’ (special artist) ½ PAGE
  • ‘The Second Reinforcement of Fort Pickens on April 16 1861” (special artist) FULL PAGE
  • ‘The Seventy-Ninth Regiment (Highlanders), New York State Militia’ in kilts. FULL PAGE by WINSLOW HOMER
  • ‘Scott. York, Pennsylvania. Occupied by Pennsylvania & Ohio Volunteers - sketched by Jasper Green’ FULL PAGE
  • ‘Winans Steam Gun Captured by Col. Jones on the Way to Harper's Ferry - photographed by Weaver" SMALL
  • ‘The Relay House, Washington Junction, now occupied by the Federal Volunteers’ SMALL
  • ‘The Washington Junction Viaduct. Commanded by the Winans Gun and Federal artillery" SMALL
  • ‘Camp of U.S. Volunteers. at the Relay House - photographed by Weaver’ SMALL
  • ‘Map showing The Line of the Blockade, and the Strategic Routes in the Interior’ ¾ PAGE
  • ‘Late headquarter of Colonel Ellsworth, of the N.Y. Fire Zouaves, at the Capitol at Washington - sketched by our Special Artist’ ½ PAGE
  • ‘The New Your Fire Zoaves quartered in the House of Representatives at Washington - sketched by our Special Artist” ½ PAGE

Back pages has three cartoons:

  • "A Rebel General startled in his Camp by the Beautiful & Unexpected Display of NORTHERN LIGHT".
  • “What they say of us” - Northern Soldiers as painted by the artist of the Mobile Advertiser
  • “What we are” Northern Soldiers as depicted in General Butler’s Proclamation at Baltimore

Some of the Articles:

  • To our Southern readers
  • How secession worked in Switzerland
  • Humors of the day
  • Great Expectations a novel by Charles Dickens Chapter XI

Advertising: Burnett’s Kalliston for the Toilet, Brown’s Bronchial Troches, Brodie Palace of Fashion, Ward’s Perfect Fitting Shirts, etc..

Has been folded horizontally. Paper yellowed. Some small tears on borders. Back page tear along spine.

16 pages.

16 ⅜” x 11 ⅜”

(Ships in large cardboard envelope)