1697 Royal Navy, delivery of anchors to His Majesty’s Woolwich Yard

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Nice Navy Office warrant from 1697 advising Woolwich Yard to receive 10 anchors. Signed by Principal Officers and Commissaries of His Majesty's Navy. Dates to the reign of King William III (William of Orange).

This 17th of July 1697 Isaac Loader --- from him for Supply of Stores (name?)
By y Principal Officers & Comd. of his Maj. Navy
These are to direct and require you to receive into his Maj. Stores under your charge from Mrs. Isaac Loader the --------- in answer to -- demand of the -- instant for supply of those and make out a bill for ---- y -- viz.
Anchors 42 - ….. Two
               38 - ….. Two
               37 -  …..Two
               35 -  …..Two
                --    ….. Two
And for so doing this shall be y – Warrant Dated at y Navy Office this 17 April 1697
Haddock        Sergison
Southerne     Wilshaw
Pett               Tymewell.
To the Storekeep and Clerke of  Cheques of his Maj.’s Yard at Woolwich


Large areas of toning. Vertical and horizontal folds. Some chipping on left border.

29.5 x 18.5 cm


Sir Richard Haddock (c. 1629 –1715) was an officer of the Royal Navy. He served during the Anglo-Dutch Wars, eventually rising to the rank of Admiral in August 1690…. He was knighted on 3 July 1675. Haddock was appointed Comptroller of the Navy on 2 February 1682, an appointment he retained until 17 April 1686…. In 1683 he was appointed first Commissioner of the Victualling Office, a post he held until 1690. He entered politics in 1678, being elected to represent Aldeburgh. He became the representative for New Shoreham in 1685, and just before the accession of King William III he again became Controller of the Navy on 12 October 1688, a post he held until his death on 29 January 1714

Charles Sergison (1655 – 1732) was an English Royal Navy administrator and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1698 to 1702. Sergison became a clerk in one of the Royal Naval dockyards in 1671 and by 1685 was a principal officer and commissioner of the Royal Navy.

James Southern, extra commissioner appointed 1695

Benjamin Timewell extra commissioner, appointed 1696

Captain Thomas Wilshaw, controller of the storekeepers account 1693-1702

Samuel Pett, Comptroller of the Victualler’s Account 1692-1699


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