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1849 Montreal Canada cover with Legislative Assembly cancellation

Small prephilatelic cover without contents. Sent to “John Rogers Welland(?)”. Bottom left initials of member of Assembly for free franking.

On April 25, 1849, rioters burned the parliament buildings!

Multiple cancellations, on front:

  2. Red tombstone ’MONTREAL __ MAR 10 1849 CANADA

On back:

  1. Red concentric ring ‘Niagara MR 16 1849 B CW
  2. Black concentric ring 'TORONTO ___'

Nice red wax seal on back, with Coat of Arms, motto at bottom appears to be ‘Nosce Teste Unis'.

Some paper damage on front at bottom. Toning front and back. Small tears on back.


The Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada was the lower house of the legislature for the Province of Canada, which consisted of the former provinces of Lower Canada, then known as Canada East and later the province of Quebec, and Upper Canada, then known as Canada West and later the province of Ontario. It was created by The Union Act of 1840. Canada East and Canada West each elected 42 members to the assembly. The upper house of the legislature was called the Legislative Council.

The first session of parliament began in Kingston in Canada West in 1841.

The second parliament and the first sessions of the third parliament were held in Montreal. On April 25, 1849, rioters protesting the Rebellion Losses Bill burned the parliament buildings. The remaining sessions of the third parliament were held in Toronto. Subsequent parliaments were held in Quebec City and Toronto, except for the last session in 1866 of the eight and final parliament, which was held in Ottawa, the capital chosen for the Dominion of Canada.

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